Verb conjugations

This page gives you an opportunity to practice verb conjugations for free. Choose a language to start.

How to practice verb conjugations?

Learning the verb conjugations is one of the hardest things of any language. Verbs are a very complex element of the language because they describe what is happening. They express not only the action, but also the person who performs the action, as well as the time at which the action is carried out.

That's why it's good to have an effective tool that allows you to practice verb conjugations quickly and easily. That's why we've decided to create this page where you can practice free verb conjugations in several languages.

It works very simply. First you choose one of the foreign languages in which you want to practice verb conjugations. Then you choose the type of tense you want to practice. There is only one type available in English, which is the irregular verbs in English. In other languages, you can select one or more types of tenses by clicking on them.

Then you choose the verbs you want to practice, and the system will prepare you a series of exercises in which you will pass all forms of selected words for all persons in the chosen tenses. The exercises that you fill in wrongly will be remembered by the system and at the end you will repeat them.

After you fill in a verb on the keyboard, press the Enter key to move to the next verb. If you press Enter twice in a row, the system will skip to the next verb whether your answer is correct or not.

We believe that this tool will help you improve verb conjugations fast. If this tool is useful to you, please share it on Facebook to reach as many people as possible.